About the firm

The Radice Law Firm, PC was founded in 2012 to prosecute antitrust, False Claims Act, and other complex litigation. Since then, the Firm has grown rapidly, serving as lead and co-counsel on a range of matters combatting price-fixing, illegal reverse-payment agreements, and other antitrust violations and anticompetitive business practices.

Attorneys at the Firm have extensive experience in healthcare and other highly regulated industries. Firm attorneys are involved in all aspects of litigation – from initial case investigation through trial and appeal – and are often consulted for their expertise in economic analyses and patent infringement litigation.

Radice Law Firm attorneys are also instrumental in developing new cases. Along with co-counsel, Firm attorneys investigated and filed the first complaint alleging a years-long conspiracy to fix margins in the market for dental supplies. Over sixty law firms subsequently filed similar cases and the Firm’s founder and managing partner, John Radice, was appointed liaison counsel in that litigation, In re Dental Supplies Antitrust Litigation, No. 16-696 (E.D.N.Y.). In June of 2019, the Honorable Brian M. Cogan, U.S. District Judge for the Eastern District of New York, granted final approval for an $80 million settlement. In approving the settlement and fee application, Judge Cogan stated,

“This is a substantial recovery that has the deterrent effect that class actions are supposed to have, and I think it was done because we had really good Plaintiffs’ Lawyers in this case who were running it. . . . The class reaction, as I have alluded to, also strikes me [as] weighing in favor of approving settlement. Notice to 200,000 class members, four opt-outs, you know, that is about as good as it gets.”

Recently, Radice Law Firm attorneys were appointed co-lead counsel in In re Inclusive Access Course Materials Antitrust Litigation, 20-md-2946 (S.D.N.Y.), a case alleging a conspiracy among the nation’s dominant textbook publishers and retailers to restrict sales of college textbooks to an online subscription format known as “Inclusive Access” in order to destroy the used textbook market, foreclose competition, and raise the prices students pay for textbooks. That case is currently pending before the Honorable Denise L. Cote, U.S. District Judge for the Southern District of New York.  

Courts have recognized and praised the efforts of Mr. Radice and his firm.  In In re Neurontin Marketing & Sales Litigation, on the penultimate day of the trial the court was prepared to not send one of plaintiffs’ claims – worth potentially tens of millions of dollars – to the jury.  Mr. Radice was tasked with drafting the argument to convince the court otherwise.  The court changed its position and sent that claim to the jury, commenting: “you’ve outpaced me overnight.  I’m trying to keep up with you, but this is what I’m going to do:  I am going to include [that claim]. . . . [I]t was a good memo on the marketing aspect of it.”  At a final approval fairness hearing in the Chepiga v. Conair litigation over delayed replacements of Cuisinart food processor blades, the court commended and thanked Mr. Radice “for engaging in good faith settlement negotiations,” approved the settlement as “an outstanding recovery,” and noted that “Counsel has extensive experience in class action litigation, utilized their best efforts to resolve this matter quickly, and compensation and the attorneys’ fees are fair and reasonable.”

The Radice Law Firm, PC is home to fifteen full-time attorneys from top schools and with substantial antitrust and complex litigation experience. We offer top-quality work, performed efficiently, with the focus on clients that they deserve. If you are a client or co-counsel and want to discuss a case, please contact us.